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Toilet Roll Recycled Paper 2 PLY

Toilet Roll Recycled Paper 2 PLY

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2 ply, 200 pulls per roll. Our tree-free tissues and napkins are made from recycled industrial Kraft paper waste, thus mitigating deforestation. Our tissues are unbleached (hence the brown colour), thus saving a lot of water that would be required for the bleaching process. When buying tissues, choose tree-free, recycled paper!

Story & Impact:

Unbleached paper. One tonne of recycled paper produced saves about 17 trees. One tonne of paper recycled saves over 2 cubic metres of landfill space. Recycled paper is made using 5000 litres of water as compared to 50,000 litres consumed by virgin paper. Recycled paper consumes only 25% of the electrical power and only 1/3rd of the thermal energy as compared to virgin paper.

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